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Netty set three

This is probably the last of the images I will upload for this shoot. We really did shoot a lot :P.
It was amazing how many changes we got into a very short time. It just goes to show what a good model Netty is.
I hope you all enjoy.

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Danni Torres Photo shoot

I went down to Berlin Tiergarten to meet with Professional Ecuadorian Model Danni Torres. Not the Motocross rider Danny Torres ;).
It was a nice sunny spring day and perfect for the style of pictures I wanted to take.
I was also extremely lucky that Danni is a professional makeup artist.

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Netty Second set

This is the second set of images from my shoot with Netty last weekend.
We shot with quite a few different costume changes as the day went on.
I quite liked this set as we played around a bit more with poses and it is interesting to see how one location can result in different styles.

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I went down to river next to zoological garten Berlin, where I met up with international model Netty.
It was a bright morning so I thought I would have a go at some hazy low contrast portraits to get started with.
Netty was a great model with tonnes of experience so was able to give me the relaxed spring morning feel that I was after.
We shot together almost all morning with a couple of costume changes and different styles which I will add to the site at a later date.

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Ekaterina Chapandze Photo-Shoot

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I met up with Russian actress Ekaterina Chapandze at Innsbrucker Platz Berlin on a very sunny and unseasonably warm day. The shoot focused on a very naturalistic feel just out in the park and the streets with no hair and make-up team and no additional lighting.
Despite being the first time I had ever met Ekaterina the shoot seemed very easy. From the first shot to the last she seemed comfortable and a complete professional who needed no real direction from me at all.

Ekaterina will be preforming in “The dreams of Natasja Filliponova” by F.M Dostoevksy’s “The Idiot”. Directed by Tatjana Knat, With Ekaterina Chapandze.

13 April 2012, at 20:00, in Club AVIATOR
Lindower Str. 18, 13347 Berlin
S/U-Bahn Wedding
Price: 8/5 Euro.

Soviet war memorial Berlin Tiergarten

Monument to the Russian dead from the Battle for Berlin in 1945. Approximately 80,000 Russian soldiers Died taking Berlin.

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Bismarck Memorial

A set from the Bismarck memorial in the Tiergarten.
Someone seems to of painted their faces for some reason kind of makes them look like something from batman.

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Victory column Berlin Tiergarten

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Berliner Dom (Berliner cathedral)

The Cathedral built between 1894 and 1905.

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East side Gallery